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For your family and future generations

Family Record is for your children and your future generations; it is an opportunity for people to contribute meaningfully to their immediate family and bring their family history to life. It’s an extended (2½ hours) video interview during which we have you tell your life story so far. We go in search of seminal experiences, pivotal events, their circumstances and key relationships in their life so far. Also, essentials of the business career. We undertake the interviews and the production is exclusively for the family.

This process allows your family members and future generations to understand who you are & your life experiences. It also provides the opportunity to explore your own being - what you believe, your passions, the people you love and more. The recording usually uncovers new information for family members. Unfortunately, family stories and history get lost so often and we all probably wish we could turn back time to find out. This is an opportunity to change that and keep the family history alive by recording it.

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“Bill and the team were truly professional; inquisitive but sensitive and had the appropriate degree of skill one needs when interviewing a number of family members who are telling their stories and which naturally may contain subtle differences.Whilst we have recorded this as a valuable family record for our children and the future Lea generations, I only wish Dad and his brothers were alive to see it.”
Michael J R Lea
Darrell Lea Chocolates