November 10, 2018

Is murder good for tourism?

Insight Dinners
Insight Dinners

Gambling millionaire, MONA owner and eccentric genius David Walsh has implied this is so. He was defending a performance by Austrian artist Hermann Kitsch which involved the slaughter of a bull.

I doubt that Tourism Australia CEO John O’Sullivan would agree… but let’s wait and see. John will be the focus of our next Insight Dinner on June 26 (?). The perception Australia is safe and green sure is helping but are we taking full advantage?

In 1976 Australia had about 70,000 short terms arrivals per month. This year, that figure is more like 530,000: by any measure, a fabulous growth industry. Tourism now represents more than 3% of our GDP and contributes about $50b per annum to the economy. In the year 2000 China delivered 120,000 visitors a year. This year that figure will exceed 1.1m and China is now neck-a-neck with New Zealand as our greatest source of international tourists.

John O’Sullivan is at the helm of a big opportunity. His background in media, sport and tourism provides a solid base from which to propel an industry that is fundamental to the economic wellbeing of the nation. Our safe and clean brand is working wonders…. but when you compare the welcome you get in, say, Japan, you wonder why anyone would come back.

Join us for IS MURDER GOOD FOR TOURISM, an Insight into this all important industry and Tourism Australia’s plan for the future.

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