November 12, 2018

An evening with the CEO of Tourism Australia

Business Record
Business Record

At a Cahoots Insight Dinner featuring Tourism Australia CEO John O'Sullivan some particular destinations stood up as favourites. At the top were Rottnest island off Perth, Margaret River in the south and the Whitsunday Islands. Interestingly - given the dinner was held at the Balla Restaurant at Sydney’s Star City - Sydney Harbour also cracked a big mention.

John O’Sullivan’s passion and energy were the context for a most entertaining and edifying night. There were 19 of us and John left a strong impression with his willingness to hear all points of view and provide detailed information and perspectives. We learnt that:

  • Tourism now accounts for 4-5% of Australia’s GDP
  • China is now Australia's biggest provider of tourists and tourist dollars
  • The numbers of tourists from China to Australia is rising fast - like The Sydney Swans up the AFL ladder.
  • By 2025 more than 400 million Chinese will travel outside of China and loom as a massive influence on our economy and other economies around the world
  • Surveys show that Australians are considered to be right at the top of the table when it comes to hospitality and warmth towards tourists. (That surprised me in a big way.)

Toowoomba has the good fortune to have the Wagners brothers as a driving force with Wellcamp Airport and everything else those lads are doing. John and Liz Wagner were at the dinner and John & his brothers have formed their own tourism Association for the Toowoomba area with a view to getting things happening in a bigger way. They have already proven the so-called expert's completely wrong with the rapid success of Wellcamp and no doubt will do the same with their vision for tourism in the Toowoomba area.

The Australian Tourism Commission has committed to promote SuperFoiler Grand Prix throughout its international network. We integrate well with the Commission’s promotional theme of aquatic attractions and promotes Australia as a leader in entrepreneurial endeavour.


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